soiree henzo: Vulnerable Me Art Exhibit

The latest soiree henzo art exhibit "Vulnerable Me" opened on November 16th, 2023. The exhibit showcased artwork from more than 150 artists in New York City.
CortesNYC presented his new piece 5 Pointz Court Case: Testify.

Many of the attendees recognized the 5pointz building in the painting. The piece sparked people's curiosity about the case and Cortes' participation on it.
Meres One, 5pointz founder, came to the event and joined the conversation from his perspective.

Ramiro, Cortes' son, also showed his work in this exhibit. His painting "Childhood portrait" is his first art piece in a soiree henzo show. It was a special moment for both Cortes and Ramiro where they were able to share their first exhibit together.

Artists explored their own take on vulnerability with interesting colors and compositions.

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