Upcoming Exhibit: soiree henzo – Renaissance of Reconnecting

CortesNYC is getting ready for Renaissance of Reconnecting an art exhibit opening on Thursday, August 31st in Chelsea, NYC. soiree henzo, founded by Jake Henzo, is featuring pieces by 100 artists from all different genres and mediums.

soiree henzo

For this exhibit Cortes is reconnecting with his iconic piece "Graff Pieta". In this new reinterpretation of the painting, Cortes plays with colors and adds his former graff tag "WAQS" as a way to connect his personality in the 90's to his current inspirations.

soiree henzo is an art and music event founded in the Summer of 2022. Their mission is to connect artists and creators and get them paid.
"Over the course of 16 events, we have figured out a way to support emerging artists with direct income while delivering electric neogallery style exhibitions including fine art, street art, live music, and live painting."  -soiree henzo

During soiree henzo's previous exhibit in July, Cortes showed his piece "Boneyard 5". The detail and colors in his art grabbed the attention of many street art enthusiasts in the crowd.

Besides "Graff Pieta2", Cortes will be premiering two other pieces: "Boneyard6" and "New Day".
We hope to see you there!

soiree henso: Renaissance Recconecting
Thursday, August 31st - from 6pm to 1am
Location: Lavan Chelsea
Ticket required for entry - Get it here

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